Copywriting for small businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the British economy. Attracting (and keeping) customers is never easy, but the last few years have been particularly tough. I can help you to get your messages out there, turn casual visitors and readers into customers, and strengthen brand loyalty.


I offer a free consultation and no-obligation quote. And I price per project, so you’ll always know how much you need to budget.  


Whether you need help with your website, your annual report, or your marketing materials, please do get in touch.


​"Kate Duggan is an absolute pleasure to work with. We’re so pleased with the quality and range of her work. She delivers work that shows such key knowledge that’s relevant to our existing and potential customers in a time and cost effective manner. It’s helped to get the word out of our natural skincare company, and it’s been a great way to grow our business online!" Narynda Skincare


As another talented copywriter once said, it's good to talk. 

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