I’ve been writing for magazines and newspapers for almost 20 years, and spent two of those years as a magazine editor. So I know the pain of working til midnight to get an issue to print, and the panic of having a last minute space to fill. I understand the importance of deadlines, fact checking and proofing. I know how to build a rapport with a celeb to get them to open up. And how to turn a dry press release into something people actually want to read.


I’ve written about everything from insurance to potty training. So if you need an article writing, or a magazine editing, get in touch.


Feature writing

"Kate Duggan is one of those very rare and special people; quiet, unassuming and prodigiously talented. Her work ethic is also second to none, as she proved on a million occasions in the face of some frankly ludicrous deadlines. I’d have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anyone who needs a conscientious, affable and incredibly skilled wordsmith." Simon Ricketts, Creative Director at Gingernut Creative


As another talented copywriter once said, it's good to talk. 

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